Aerotech Golf Shafts Japan

The No. 1 Graphite Iron Shaft on the PGA TOUR

With more PGA Tour wins than any other golf graphite iron shaft in history, SteelFiber golf shafts by Aerotech Golf Shafts are a true game-changer. Our innovative designs and unique material engineering help players sharpen their game while reducing fatigue and injury. Our composite graphite golf shafts make all the difference.

Welcome to the best rounds of your life.

Hit straighter. Hit longer and with less effort. Reduce your risk of injury or aggravating an existing injury.

What Players are Saying

“Last year…I was looking for a composite shaft that had the performance characteristics similar to the Dynamic Gold steel shafts I play in my irons. I found that performance with the SteelFiber Shaft.”

Jack Nicklaus

Winner of 73 PGA Tour events including a record setting twenty major championship titles

“… The shaft was incredible. I have never in my 15 years as a Tour pro hit a shaft that felt as good as the Steelfiber i95. The contact feels like I’m hitting a tennis ball it seems to stay on the face longer with a softer feel, yet my ball speed had increased 3-4 mph. The stability control is amazing. I know where the clubhead is at all times which enables me to hit any shape I want with great distance control and accuracy. ”

Brad Kennedy

Japan Golf Tour Pro, 2016 Holden New Zealand PGA Championship

“When I switched to Aerotech Golf shafts, I was looking for a lighter weight iron shaft that could provide me with the consistent ball flight and spot on distance control. Aerotech’s SteelFiber shafts fit the bill perfectly. The SteelFiber technology has allowed me to take advantage of all the benefits of a graphite shaft yet still maintain complete control over my golf ball.”

Matt Kuchar

PGA Tour pro